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ICE Agents Are Reportedly Texting Undocumented Immigrants to Get Them Deported

Newsweek and unnamed immigration expert sources are reporting that ICE agents have started sending text messages to undocumented immigrants to get them to cooperate with deportation proceedings. John Schlosser, an attorney from Portland, OR, told Newsweek that his client, an undocumented immigrant, was first convicted of a misdemeanor in Multnomah County. An ICE agent, who identified himself as a officer, texted the man and asked him to call him back, although the two had no connection and had never met in person.

According to the attorney, the text message said, “Please feel free to call me with any questions that you have. I will need to hear from you soon.” Schlosser said the text message was sent as an initial scare tactic. After the text, the ICE agent and the undocumented immigrant spoke on the phone. The ICE agent allegedly continued to scare the immigrant by telling him that President Trump was considering changing immigration procedures that would negatively affect him, so he should turn himself in as soon as possible.

In recent months, ICE agents have used other morally ambiguous tactics to track down undocumented immigrants, including following and arresting a Lincoln Heights man after dropping his daughter off at work and sweeping into courtrooms or lurking outside court complexes waiting to arrest illegal immigrants all across the country. This text message tactic is just their latest attack on immigration.

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