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How to Prepare for an ICE Raid: Know Your Rights

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has been heavily backed and enhanced by the Trump Administration. It has been given more power and more people, and even local-level law enforcement has been asked to complete ICE duties. As part of the Presidential effort to ramp up ICE, the number of ICE raids in search of undocumented immigrants have increased from coast to coast.

Anyone who has entered the country without the proper documentation should know their rights in case of an ICE raid. Otherwise, they will be completely helpless when ICE agents knock on their door.

Here is what you should do during an ICE raid:

  • Do not immediately answer the door if the person knocking identifies themselves as an ICE agent. Instead, ask to see a search warrant signed by a judge, which should either be slipped under the door or held up to the window so you can read it.
  • Exercise your right to remain silent until you speak to an attorney. Everyone in America has this right and it cannot be infringed upon by ICE agents, even if they are certain you are undocumented. You should tell them anything related to safety, such as whether or not you have a firearm on your person or if there is a dog in your backyard that could react aggressively to strangers.
  • Never try to trick ICE agents with falsified documents. ICE agents are specifically trained to be able to spot fraudulent paperwork. You will be caught and you will have committed a serious crime in the process.
  • Never attempt to resist arrest or detainment. This constitutes a crime and will only worsen your situation. If you agitate an ICE agent through resistance, you could potentially be harmed. Cooperate but remain silent.
  • Ask if you are free to leave if ICE agents have not detained you. In many cases, they are only there to detain one individual, such as someone with a criminal record. If you are told you can leave, do so quickly and without speaking to others.

In summary, your rights during an ICE raid are the same rights as anyone suspected of committing a crime. Namely, you have the rights to remain silent and to speak with an attorney. As soon as you have the opportunity, whether you are detained or not, call a trusted deportation defense lawyer to discuss your legal options and what you should do next.

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