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About the Master Calendar Hearing

What is A Master Calendar Hearing?

A master calendar hearing, or MCH, is one of the first steps in immigration removal proceedings. The purpose of these hearings is to decide how your deportation case will move forward. In this blog, our Lake Charles immigration attorney shares how to best prepare and what to expect during an MCH.

How to Prepare

You’ll first receive notice of your MCH in the form of a “notice to appear.” The notice will outline the time and day of your MCH. Punctuality is crucial at an MCH – if you’re absent or late, you can be deported simply based on the fact that you did not show up to your hearing.

Documents to bring to your MCH:

  • Drivers’ license
  • Your hearing notice
  • Any original documents that may be of help

During Your Master Calendar Hearing

The hearing will be done in English, but if that’s not what you’re comfortable with – don’t force it. Attempting to speak in a language you’re not familiar with or one you do not understand can cause more harm than good. You can ask the judge to provide an interpreter, which he or she will do so for free, usually by phone. If you are still experiencing difficulties, or if the translator isn't being clear enough, bring it to the judge's attention. He or she can reschedule your hearing to a day when another interpreter is available.

During your hearing, you’ll have the chance to tell the judge the type of relief you’re seeking: asylum, withdrawal or removal, cancellation of removal, or adjustment of status. Once your MCH is over, you’ll be given another notice with the time and date of either your next MCH or individual merits hearing.

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