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Obama Immigration Supreme Court Hearing Set for Next Month

The much anticipated Supreme Court case of United States v. Texas now has a date: April 18. On that day, oral arguments on behalf of the federal government and 26 allied states will be heard on the legitimacy of President Obama's executive orders on immigration.

As reported by Latin Post, the date was set earlier this month and will give both sides of the issue the chance to make their appeal the court. "Texas" in the case represents 26 different states who oppose the President's Deferred Action for Parents of Americans (DARPA) and Lawful Permanent Residents and deem it unlawful.


After repeated failure from Congress to pass legislation to deal with the nation's undocumented resident issue, the White House announced DARPA in late 2014. The aim of DARPA was to provide protections for working, law-abiding non-citizen workers.

Additionally, DREAMERS was announced, which offers new protections for non-citizens who came to the country when they were 16 years or younger. Together, DARPA and DREAMERS would potentially shield millions from deportation. The orders earned swift opposition from conservatives and the state of Texas took legal action against the federal government to block the orders from being enacted in their state. 26 other states would go on to join Texas's lawsuit.

Republicans Looking to Be Heard

Additionally, it has been reported that House Republicans, led by Majority Speaker Paul Ryan, are seeking to be heard by the Supreme Court before the April 18 oral arguments. Ryan recently revealed GOP plans to express their opposition the executive orders, though it is still unclear if they will be heard before April 18. Since the sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia—whose views were stringently conservative—many have speculated on just how the eight-Justice bench will rule on United States v. Texas.

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