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Avoid These 5 Common Immigration Mistakes

Whether you are applying for an immigration visa for the first time or renewing your residency once again, there are a number of mistakes you can make that could result in your application being rejected. Avoiding these negative consequences is critical because you may be required to leave the United States if your process takes you beyond the expiration date of your initial visa. By avoiding these errors, you can both increase your chances of having your application accepted and decrease the amount of time needed to for your application to process.

Include All Documents & Supporting Evidence (In English)

When you apply for an immigration visa, you will be required to submit a number of various documents. In addition to the application form itself, you may also be required to provide copies of your marriage certificate (if you are married), your initial entry records (if you legally entered the United States at the start of your visa), or your birth certificate. You only need to submit copies of these documents unless the United States government specifically requests that you send the originals. Your application will specify if this is the case.

Additionally, any documents from your home country that may not be in English must be translated, and the translation must be submitted with the document as well as a certification from an approved translator. Any documents that are not translated will be rejected, and your entire application could be denied as a result.

Forgetting to Sign Your Application

While it may seem silly, a large number of applications are rejected every single year due to a missing signature. Any applications that are not signed are immediately rejected by the USCIS. Make sure you double and triple-check that your application is signed in all necessary places.

Submitting an Incorrect Fee

You must submit a fee along with your immigration application, and this fee must come in one of a very limited number of formats. The USCIS does not accept cash of any kind or personal checks from a bank not based in the United States. Only checks or money orders from U.S. institutions will be accepted. Be sure you are paying the correct amount, as well—an incorrect fee can cause your application to be rejected, which can force you to have to restart the entire application process.

Not Knowing Your Criminal Record

When you are applying for immigration, you will be required to go through an interview and you will be asked about your criminal record. While this may not seem like a big deal, you will be required to know even the little things, such as any traffic tickets you may have received.

You can get help with this by requesting a criminal history background check from the FBI. This costs only $18 and allows you to see everything that will still be listed on your record. Just because you have a criminal record does not mean your application will automatically be denied, but lying about or not knowing your record can cause your application to be rejected. If any serious crime charges are present on your record, like grand theft or murder charges, you will most likely have your application denied as well.

Not Seeking Help

If you are looking to immigrate into the United States on a work, student, or permanent residence visa, the process can often be complex and overwhelming to try to work through alone. With so many different ways in which you can make a mistake, the assistance of an attorney who is well-versed in U.S. Immigration law can help ensure you complete the process accurately and properly with as few mistakes or hold-ups as possible.

At Ashley Forest Dees, LLC, our Louisiana immigration attorneys have helped thousands of clients with various aspects of immigration law and nearly every type of visa distributed by the U.S. government. We are proud to offer the attention and service of a small firm with the resources and knowledge of a big institution, providing our clients with the resources and insight they need to meet their immigration goals.

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