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Will 2016 Bring Immigration Reform?

As candidates begin to pop up and campaign in anticipation of the upcoming Presidential election, immigration has been a hotly contested topic. Many Republicans and Democrats alike are calling for immigration reform, although the changes they are proposing are vastly different. In this blog, we discuss three major immigration issues which will likely become centerpieces of the upcoming election.

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Changes to H1-B Visas

One of the biggest issues with the current immigration system is its inability to handle a large amount of workers who need H1-B visas. These include doctors, engineers, and other highly skilled workers, and these visas are capped at approximately 65,000 per year. As a result of the incredibly high demand, there is a lot of abuse of this system currently.

Unlawful Immigration

For decades, unlawful or “illegal” immigration has been a hotly debated matter. Politicians have proposed a number of potential changes, including making it easier to deport or remove unlawful residents. Others have sought to make it easier for those already in the country to obtain legal residency. Based on the rhetoric in the presidential campaign so far, this issue looks to become an even bigger part of the upcoming election.

Immigrant Rights

While the rights of immigrants are not brought into the spotlight as often as many other immigration issues, many politicians are still seeking to make very important changes. One proposed change relates to H1-B visas, which currently tie the worker to the employer that sponsored their visa application. This makes it extremely difficult for them to pursue other employment opportunities or negotiate a fair salary.

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