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In Review: Immigration in 2016

2017 is fast approaching, and as a new year begins, it is good to reflect. Back in January, we looked at the potential immigration reforms that the year could bring. We knew the election cycle would bring immigration issues to the forefront of American politics, and that was certainly the case. But what were the major events? Immigration commentator for Forbes, Andy J. Semotiuk, has a top five that sums up the year quite nicely.

DACA/DAPA Initiatives Blocked

The fate of President Obama’s major immigration initiatives was decided in 2016. These measures, which would have protected millions of non-citizens from deportation, were struck down by the Supreme Court in June.

Immigration Reform Deadlock

At the congressional level, immigration reform came to a standstill. Hyper-partisan agendas left for little progress to be made, leaving “people frustrated and unhappy with the way the country was being managed by its leaders in Washington,” according to Semotiuk.

European Migrant Crisis

Syrian, Iraqi, and Afghan refugees continued to flood Europe this year in the most significant migrant crisis since WWII. While this event is more global in scope, it is a telling mark of the world’s response to immigration issues. We saw countries welcome or outright reject refugees, and we also saw responses somewhere in the middle. America announced that 10,000 refugees would be welcome.


The world was watching Great Britain as it decided to leave the European Union. While this event is not a part of American politics, many agree that Great Britain’s decision “signaled a change in attitudes about immigration” that was taking place worldwide.

The Election of Donald Trump

The year was dominated by the presidential race, and in November, we found out how deeply American voters resonated with the shifting attitude of Europe toward immigration. When Donald Trump takes office on January 20th of next year, we will see how much of his immigration policy becomes realized. A wall on the Mexican-American border, mass deportations, and restricted immigration were all promised by President-Elect Donald Trump. But what exactly will 2017 hold for immigration policy? Time will tell.

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