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How Immigration Helps Louisiana

The Partnership for a New American Economy released an August 2016 report titled The Contributions of New Americans in Louisiana. This meticulously researched report deals with the impact immigration has on everything from entrepreneurship to housing. The takeaway? Immigration is a significant boon to Louisianan economy. Read some of the highlights of the report below.

Entrepreneurs & the Workforce

  • 16,440 immigrants in Louisiana are self-employed
  • 39,052 native-born citizens are employed at companies owned by immigrants
  • 9.1% of entrepreneurs in the state are immigrants
  • Immigrants are 39.5% more likely to work than native-born Louisianans
  • Immigrants are 59.4% more likely to have a graduate degree and 67.9% more likely to have less than a high-school level of education, meaning they fall on either side of the skill spectrum. Native-born Louisianans fall in the middle of the spectrum
  • More than 1 in 7 employees in the state’s ship and boating industry are immigrants
  • Immigrants account for 28% of the state’s agricultural workers

Income and Tax Contributions

  • In 2014, immigrant households earned $5.0 billion, which was 4.6% of all income in Louisiana
  • Immigrants paid $363.3 million in state and local taxes that year

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

  • 7.5% of STEM workers are immigrants
  • Immigrants pursuing STEM-related graduate degrees accounted for 25% of master’s level programs and 50.4% of PhD-level programs in 2014
  • If half of those students were allowed to stay in Louisiana after graduation, a projected 760 new jobs for native-born workers would be created by 2021


  • Immigrant populations have repeatedly moved into declining neighborhoods and revitalized them
  • Immigrants help bolster the housing market by buying the large number of homes coming on the market when baby boomers hit retirement age

The effects immigration has on a population is an important topic of discussion – perhaps now more than ever. The report tells us that immigrants are bolstering Louisianan economy by creating jobs, earning income, paying taxes, pursuing STEM-related studies, and revitalizing neighborhoods. A report by the Partnership for a New American Economy provides an invaluable service in showing us how immigration has impacted our state for the better.

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