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Can You Stop Deportation or Removal Orders?

As a Lake Charles immigration firm, we frequently meet people who are trying to build a new life in a new country. Unfortunately, filing errors, petty crimes, and even voting could conceivably cause you to be deported. If you’ve received a notice to appear in immigration court, or if you’ve been hit with a removal order, contact our firm immediately for knowledgeable guidance.

Option 1: Apply For Asylum

Immigrants who have a realistic fear of persecution in their home country may be eligible for asylum. Within the last two decades, the rate of asylum grants has increased considerably, so this is a very viable option for many.

Option 2: Waivers of Removal

If you are currently a green card holder facing removal, you may be able to stop the deportation with a waiver of removal. This is primarily for immigrants who have been convicted of a crime (generally minor or non-violent crimes) but believe that their character or good deeds outweigh their crimes. This is one of the most common to stop a removal order.

Option 3: U-Visas and T-Visas

If you are the victim of human trafficking or a violent crime, your best option will be to apply for one of these specific visas. T visas are for human trafficking victims, while U visas are designed for violent crime victims. If you are granted one of these visas, your removal will be stopped, and you will eventually get a green card.

Can Getting Married Stop Deportation?

Unfortunately, getting married does not stop deportation or removal proceedings. You can still be deported even if you are married to a U.S. citizen. If you are worried that you have committed a removable offense, reach out to our Lake Charles deportation attorneys at Ashely Foret Dees, LLC.

If You Don’t Qualify for These Options, Call Today

While these are three of the most common ways to stop a removal order, there are many more options available depending on the unique circumstances of your case. If you’re facing removal from the United States, call Berry Appleman & Leiden LLP today. Our experienced Lake Charles immigration attorney is committed to immigrant rights and will work tirelessly on your behalf when you hire our firm.

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